Thursday, September 05, 2013

Setting the stage for WWIII

We know that many in Congress are bought and paid for - but are they really so spineless or profoundly stupid as to risk a global war? And make no mistake, this is not a small risk! The consequences could spiral out of control very, very rapidly, and there is no way to insure that any action would be "limited" (if you believe that's really their intent in the first place). This is so, SO not worth it!

Syria has not started any wars or threatened anyone - unlike the U.S. - and I think many of us would appreciate the corporate msm dispensing with the moralizing, hand-wringing hypocrites they've been trotting out ad nauseum. Especially when they're the same "experts" who got it all wrong in Iraq.

But the media is actively campaigning for war 24/7, and they are steadfastly determined not to acknowledge the overwhelming amount of opposition to military action in Syria from the American public. As Paul Craig Roberts points out, "It is clear that the American people overwhelmingly oppose an attack on Syria. Whether Americans have caught on over the years to Washington’s endless war lies or whether they simply see no point to the wars and no gain to America from 12 years of costly war, I cannot say. At a time when a large percentage of Americans are having difficulty paying their mortgages, car payments, and putting food on the table, Washington’s wars seem an expensive luxury."

One thing you will never see in the mainstream media is the story of how Obama's pick for Federal Reserve Chairman, the disastrously corrupt Larry Summers, has a lot to do with the rush to attack Syria. (Hint: It has nothing to do with Syrian civilians!) Here is the story, and it is a MUST READ if you want some real insight into what's behind the U.S. obsession with attacking Syria now. It's astounding. Read it, then share it with a friend.

** If you'd like to at least try to do something to stop the madness, call your critters this week, starting with Obama: 202-456-1111. In WNC, call Senator Hagan, 202-224-6342, Senator Burr at 202-224-3154, Representative Meadows at 202-225-6401. Those of you in other areas, go to and to email your reps and get their phone numbers.


Blogger Anna Van Z said...

A complicating issue is that it sounds like Obomber will proceed even if Congress does not authorize it.

Which at least will illustrate to the more dense among us that we do not have a democracy in any way, shape, or form.

1:18 PM  

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