Monday, September 23, 2013

Not surprising

In a week where it has been a challenge to select and write rationally about only a few of the issues which compete for badly needed attention, I came across the following from Washington's blog. The results are not surprising to those who generally are paying attention, but what I find encouraging about it is this: More people are waking up to the fact that there is currently extremely little difference between the two mainstream political parties.

This is not to deny that there is a world of difference between some individual members of the two parties - for example, a brilliant defender of the public like Alan Grayson versus a corrupt worm-boy like Lindsay Graham, for one.

Or the fact that repug extremist tactics like attempting to shut down the government if they don't get their way are hallmarks of sociopathic  lunatics (and also remind us of toddlers who hold their breath if they don't get their way). What I'm referring to is the overall actions of the mainstream parties. When the votes are counted and we look at what was passed, what didn't pass, and who supported what measures, there just isn't much difference.

And neither of the two mainstream parties are doing what the public wants, or acting primarily in the public's interest! I'm hoping that this awareness translates into continually growing support of alternative parties.

From Washington's Blog:

Americans Becoming Increasingly Resentful of Skewed Government Policies

Polls show that – despite President Obama’s rhetorical skills – Americans don’t like his core policies.
This is not a partisan statement … Americans have come to despise both mainstream Democratic and mainstream Republican party policies.

Specifically, Americans:
  • Believe by a 70 percent to 30 percent margin that big banks and corporations – rather than average Americans – have benefited most from Obama’s economic policies.  2 years ago, 74% thought that the bailouts helped Wall Street more than the people
Democrats are realizing that Obama is as bad as Bush. And Republicans are waking up to the fact that the GOP leadership lied to them.
Peoples’ hatred of Congress is so passionate that it’s comical.  And Obama’s patina of wanting to help the American people has worn very thin for everyone other than his most diehard fans.
Indeed, poll after poll shows that both mainstream parties – Democrat and Republican – are deeply unpopular with the American people.
Both conservatives and liberals want to cut the corporate welfare queens off from the public dole.
Americans of all political stripes have awoken to the fact that most  politicians are corrupt, and that big government and big business have become intertwined in a malignant relationship which hurts us little people.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Unfortunately since the Banksters and Wall Street Vermin didn't commit direct murder, they have by now, or soon will, the protection of the Statute of Limitation concerning their rape of America.

This is probably why the POS in the Whitewash House decided to delay any kind of major prosecution knowing once started the statute wouldn't apply.

Now these syphilitic pricks will walk free while planning another round.

There really is only one way to effectively deal with the way Americans have been treated since 2000...remove them all from office and make the penalties for doing it again so severe they'd never consider it...and I have some ideas on what those penalties should be.

3:10 PM  

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