Friday, September 06, 2013

Call those Critters NOW!

China has officially joined Russia in opposing US military action against Syria. And like Russia, they have sent warships to the coastal region of Syria to "observe the actions of Russian and US warships." At the G20 Summit, when answering a question about the consequences of an external  attack on Syria, Putin replied, "Will we help Syria? We will."

Is "saving face", or pleasing AIPAC and zionist neocons really worth starting a global war? Only to full-on, batshit crazy psychopaths. Of course, they're banking on (no pun intended) their secret government bunkers to protect their own sorry asses when the missiles eventually end up flying over here. But before that happens, count on the prices of fuel and everything related to fuel - which is everything - to skyrocket. Think you're having a hard time scraping by now? Just wait.

Some positive news is that all the calls and emails are being heard. Americans are bombarding the House and Senate with overwhelming opposition to this lunacy! As of right now, at least, the House will not vote for authorization of an attack on Syria. Let's keep up the pressure! You can always call throughout the weekend and leave messages - especially with senators. The Capitol switchboard number is (202) 224- 3121.

Meanwhile, in the Physician Heal Thyself department, the U.S. murdered 7 people in Northern Pakistan with drone strikes.


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