Monday, August 26, 2013

Yet ANOTHER Backwards Bill Signed into Law in NC....

This regressive Governor is absolutely determined to turn this state into 1920's Louisiana - or something equally repulsive. He, along with the corrupt, brain-dead rejects that pass for our state General Assembly, just keep cranking out the insanity, along with their huge bag of goodies for big-money special interests.

As reported by North Carolina Conservation Network, on Friday Governor Pat McCrory signed another controversial bill into law – this one promising to do serious damage to North Carolina's natural environment and quality of life. House Bill 74 is full of rollbacks on existing state environmental and public health protections. It weakens state standards for landfills, allows for the contamination of groundwater from coal fired power plants, and will mean more ugly billboards across North Carolina.

Help NC Conservation Network get 100 phone calls to Gov. McCrory's office - call him today and tell him how disappointed you are that he signed H74 into law. Call 1-800-662-7952 or 919-814-2050.


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