Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remove the Log from Your Own Eye....

This is for you moral indignators out there, the ones agitating for an attack on Syria. Since you're so concerned about civilians and little kids dying, surely you must have been screaming your head off about all the drone attacks inside the borders of other sovereign know, the ones where kids, women, and old people are murdered in their own homes or streets, because the U.S. government decided there might be "terrorist suspects" nearby?

How about when white phosphorus was used in Fallujah and in Afghanistan? How about cluster bombs, and Napalm? No? Well, surely you must have demanded an end to the use of depleted uranium! You know, for the children? Yeah, right.....

Hypocrisy and Legacy of Death Linger as US Claims Moral Authority in Syria
US slams "chemical weapons" in Syria while being a serial user of weapons widely condemned by the global community....


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