Monday, August 19, 2013

Dead Zones by Design

"If the right-wing billionaires and apostles of corporate power have their way, public schools will become 'dead zones of the imagination,' reduced to anti-public spaces that wage an assault on critical thinking, civic literacy and historical memory. Since the 1980s, schools have increasingly become testing hubs that de-skill teachers and disempower students. They have also been refigured as punishment centers where low-income and poor minority youth are harshly disciplined under zero tolerance policies in ways that often result in their being arrested and charged with crimes that, on the surface, are as trivial as the punishment is harsh.  Under casino capitalism’s push to privatize education, public schools have been closed in cities such as, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York to make way for charter schools. Teacher unions have been attacked, public employees denigrated and teachers reduced to technicians working under deplorable and  mind-numbing conditions...."


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Bu..bu..but stupid Americans are happy Americans.

Heard an idiot woman on the news last night who was asked about the new "scanning" at clothing stores (you get lasered 200,000 ways so you get a good fit). Questions have already been raised as to what these stores will do with your data. And even Victoria Secret is using it (better bra fit!)

So maybe they can save money by having the Ministry of Fatherland Security provide the scans of airport travelers to these retailers. Big savings for them so they can import more clothes from sweatshops in Swaziland and Asia.

Oh and the stupid female? She said she didn't care about the privacy..."as long as it doesn't affect me!"

"As long as it doesn't affect me..."

How about we replace that foolish motto on coins and things with..
"As long as it doesn't affect me!"

And the new national emblem could be...

7:34 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

That's the mentality they've been trying to push for decades, along with the stupidification: "As long as I get mine, who cares!" (They can cart off my neighbor for no legitimate reason, as long as they leave me alone!)

After all, civic responsibility, shared commons, looking out for each other, the elites sure don't want that crap! That's as bothersome as citizens who are adept at critical thinking!

But they needn't worry, their agenda is working out wonderfully for them....for the country and the world, not so much.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

P.S. I didn't hear about the scanning thing - wtf?? I assume one can still opt out? (I usually shop at thrift stores, haven't seen scanners there!)

12:45 PM  

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