Sunday, May 12, 2013

Never Again

Let's stop fueling the corporations that create this! Here are the fruits of "Free Trade": Workers in deathtraps, toiling for pennies with no protections or safety standards. The wet dream of the investor class, and the corporations that control the government. It's time for people who are not sociopaths to step up and say, "no, I will not allow this to keep happening to the world's most vulnerable and desperate people..."

Photographer Shahidul Alam:
“This image, while deeply disturbing, is also hauntingly beautiful. An embrace in death, its tenderness rises above the rubble to touch us where we are most vulnerable. By making it personal, it refuses to let go. This is a photograph that will torment us in our dreams. Quietly it tells us. Never again.” 

 Better Safety in Bangladesh Could Raise Clothing Prices by About 25 Cents
Olga Khazan, The Atlantic

There was some rare happy news out of Bangladesh today as Reshma Akhter, an 18-year-old seamstress, was dug out and rescued after 17 days of being trapped in the wreckage of a collapsed eight-story garment factory building where 1,045 other people have perished. The Rena Plaza incident is officially the worst disaster in the history of the global clothing industry, and it renewed calls for improved safety protections and building code standards in Bangladesh -- a country that owes much of its recent economic growth largely to low-wage clothing work.

The dangerous conditions have been partly blamed on price-conscious businesses, some of whom go with the cheapest and often least-safe local suppliers at the expense of protections for workers. After a November fire that killed 112 workers, brands like Wal-Mart, Gap, and H&M refused to sign a new union-proposed safety plan, which would have introduced more rigorous safety inspections, saying it was "not financially feasible."..... More here.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

IF the clothes were still being produced in America by Americans, odds of this happening would be infintesimal because the poor corporations would have to make sure of safety conditions...that is until the Right eliminates most regulation in the U.S. to equate us with competetive third world production.

On the other hand, there would probably have been fewer people in Bangladesh because even though the American owned companies who throw a few measely cents at the workers there, well at least some get to eat and maybe exist in a squallor the Right in this country can't imagine.

Unconscionable pricks!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

I would love to see clothing and textiles manufacturing brought back to America!!

We need those jobs and we need to stop allowing mega-corporations to collect huge tax breaks and rebates while running human slavery ops in the third world!!

12:46 PM  

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