Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy (belated) Memorial Day!

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I love Memorial Day weekend! It feels so wonderful, so promising. The summer stretches out ahead in its entirety, and everything looks fresh and green. Long sunny days, skimpy clothes, and tons of time outdoors - heaven! Remember when you were a kid, back in the day? Those last few days of school, when you were literally counting the minutes until you were free to escape the florescent box and live outside? There was nothing better than that last day of school! Some of that feeling is what MD weekend evokes for me.

Saturday was a really good day - the March against Monsanto in Asheville was very well-attended, and the weather was perfect. Chatted with some nice folks, and it felt good to be among so many others on the same page. Pictures above are from the rally and march. For more insight into the workings of Monsanto (or Monsatan, as one of the signs read), visit this page to watch the full version of Seeds of Death. This is only for a limited time, so hurry!

The rest of my weekend was all about outdoor work, and my muscles really ache as I write this. I accomplished a lot, which does feel good. But this is one of those times where a massage or a hot tub would be like manna from heaven! Hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be, and that you found some quality time away from the usual crap.


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