Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cinco de Mayo??

Well, it sure doesn't feel like it! Seems more like Cinco de March. At 9am this morning, it was 47 degrees and pouring. I can't recall a chillier southern spring. By May, we're usually spending as much time as possible on porches and patios. Not this year! The best day I can recall lately was last Tuesday, April 30th, the day of the Dylan concert in Asheville. It was a perfect, warm day and a mild evening.

I've been really down, struggling to function. I keep hearing how this "job numbers are up", but I sure don't see it. There are plenty of CNA and restaurant jobs, but that's about all I'm seeing. And the usual glut of truck driver jobs. Which I would be happy to do if I were qualified which I'm not, and can't afford the training or the time needed to be trained. As for other jobs that pay above minimum wage, I read that last month ZERO manufacturing jobs were added to the economy. Zip.

This is clearly by design. If the PTB really wanted to rebuild the middle class, there are many things they could be doing about creating jobs that pay something. Quite a few things, actually. Notice that none of those things are happening - especially not reducing the exporting of jobs by removing corporate tax breaks and subsidies for the companies which continue to profit at our expense. And for those O-bots who keep deluding themselves that Obama would do something if the repugs would "let him", dream on. The fix is in, and Obummer's been in on it from the beginning.

He can't wait to further cripple the middle class by gutting Social Security and Medicare, setting the scene for its eventual transfer to Wall Street. Look at the people he picks, for gawd's sake, and has since day one. What does that tell you?


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