Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bring. It. On.

The Empire Strikes Back! Gee, what a surprise - evil Monsanto is busy attempting disinfo tricks, like fake announcements that marches have been cancelled, and what not. As reports, "Monsanto is also spreading rumors that events for this Saturday’s March have been cancelled or that times have been changed.

Monsanto has prepared itself well for the upcoming mass protests. As is the preferred method of the 1%, it will use violence against peaceful protesters for which the protesters will then be blamed. Monsanto and Blackwater are working together to target anti-Monsanto activists and organizations. March organizers are warning activists to expect the presence of agent provocateurs, lots of law enforcement, and devious tactics to try to discredit the movement.

However, none of this is going to deter me from participating and I hope you will not be deterred either. It’s time to RISE UP against the genetic assault on one of our basic needs: FOOD."


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