Friday, April 19, 2013

Today is the 18th Anniversary

...of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I've been thinking about this event a lot lately, and it's hard to believe it's been that long. Today the media hasn't mentioned it, at least not that I've seen. I've been switching between network channels for hours, and it's been nonstop coverage of the alleged Boston Marathon bomber manhunt. The coverage on the networks has struck me as somewhat manipulative. For one thing, all the unwarranted speculation, especially about connections to the suspects, one of whom is reportedly dead. On ABC, it was mentioned - although framed in heavy disclaimers that there was no evidence of such - what if they had ties to Iran? WTF?! Since there is zero evidence of such a thing, why even bring it up?

Most network channels have been hitting hard on the internet, internet, internet, implying the need for "authorities" to have immediate access to anyone's online history, emails, etc. Also mentioning the internet as a "tool for jihadists", and a place where people can learn how to make dangerous devices. It's like they're priming the public to accept even more draconion privacy invasions, even beyond CISPA. I felt certain that no matter who caused this attack in Boston that it would be quickly used to justify continuing losses of privacy and civil liberties, and based on what I've seen today, that's part of the media agenda.

Another reason I've been thinking about the OKC bombing is an excellent documentary I just watched about it. I am posting it below, and I hope you will make the time for it very soon. It will definitely blow your mind! It's well-researched and a careful piece of work. There is so much about that horrible day in 1995 that we've never heard about! After I saw this program, I was astounded at just how much I didn't know about this prequel to 9/11. See what you think:

The website for this movie is here.  

"...The body of evidence that stands contrary to the official story is immense and glaring, one reason we decided to embark upon a documentary to reclaim the history of the bombing. In the early days of the bombing, the truth-seeking efforts were being led by Glenn Wilburn, who lost two grandchildren in Americares, and Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, who founded the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee (OKBIC)..."


Blogger D. said...

Does no one remember The Anarchist Cookbook? Did no one take chemistry in college? I ran across instructions for making Molotov cocktails in high school, and I'm being fascinated that the news outlets are disseminating details of the pressure cooker bombs in case no one else knows how to make one.

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