Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Rise of the Corporate State

 This program shows how and why that, not only do we not have a democracy (or even representational government), democracy is not a possibility within the current state of the union. It's about an hour long, and well worth your time. Yes, it's depressing. But I'm guessing it's mostly nothing that on a gut level you haven't already sensed yourself, even if it's been unacknowledged.  And acknowledging reality is the first step to changing it. This may be the most important message you hear this decade, and if you're so inclined, please get a friend or neighbor to watch it also.

From BrassCheckTV:  British filmmaker Temujin Doran has released a new movie that is based on the book "The Death of the Liberal Class" by Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. The film, titled "Obey," explores the rise of the corporate state and the future of obedience in a world filled with unfettered capitalism, worsening inequality and environmental changes. Warning: Viewers may find some of the clips in the film disturbing.


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