Monday, April 01, 2013


As someone who is currently unemployed - because of Congress, I might add - this is the stuff that sends me over the edge. I have a good job history, good references, and am well-educated. And I live in a rural area where the job market for anything except low-wage service jobs is abysmal. I WANT to find a job, a job I can at least pay the bills with. Since I have worked since I was 14 years old, and have been paying into the system all that time, I don't think that's too much to ask. I didn't get any bailouts, and my tax rate is effectively higher than the top 20 corporations in America.

So when I'm in the grocery store, listening to simple-minded wingnuts parrot the crap they hear on loon-talk media ("Unemployed people are just lazy, parasites, etc..."), well, it makes me want to projectile vomit! As this article in Alternet points out,

Apparently they feel the free market will find those jobs. But as they staunchly adhere to their notion, large corporations are  holding trillions in cash, transferring  millions of jobs overseas, and paying  low-level wages to those who have managed to stay employed....

Hel-loooo! The article goes on to discuss the capitalist/investor-class fantasies of the "self-made man":

Wealthy individuals pride themselves on their successes from meager beginnings. Many of this self-congratulatory group grew up as educated white males in the richest nation ever in the most productive time in the history of the world. They rode the technology engine for thirty years, benefiting from  federal funding that provided almost half of basic research funds into the 1980s, and half of research in the communications industry as late as 1990.

Now, of course, it's much different. Globalization and automation have eliminated many of the old opportunities. Half of college graduates are  unemployed or underemployed. And while it's always been more of a struggle for the lowest-income people, it's even worse now, with  more than half of those individuals in the bottom income quintile remaining there 10 years later. Compared to other developed countries, the U.S. ranks  near the bottom in economic mobility....

Read the entire piece, I think you'll relate.


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