Thursday, April 11, 2013

F&@! Monsanto (and the government it rode in on)

Since the "Monsanto Protection Act" sailed through Congress hidden inside the Homeland Security budget, with apparently few-to-no representatives actually knowing what was in the damn bill, I've been too furious to write about Monsanto and its minions in government. At least anything that didn't sound like a lunatic rant and was printable! Turns out Monsanto actually wrote their special protection law themselves, which is no surprise to anyone who knows how our corporate-whore Congress actually works, but still, it's a blatant outrage nonetheless.    (Pssst: Here are Monsanto's most special legislators).

Unfortunately, too few people are paying attention, and even fewer understand why Monsanto controlling the world's seeds, crops, and food supply is insanely dangerous. Not to mention their genetic modifications to unending numbers of food crops, processes which never have been demonstrated to be safe. (You may have heard of frankenfood experiments like inserting fish genes into tomatoes, mice genes into gawd-knows-what, and so on). Genetic modifications could prove disastrous ecologically as well.

For instance, the terminator gene technology, which Monsanto promised not to use in food crops in 1999, causes crop seeds to be sterile, forcing farmers to buy new seeds (and new special chemicals) every year. This would be disastrous in the third world especially, where small local farmers grow crops from saved seeds most years. And what if such crops were to contaminate other crops in the area? This could cause those other food crops to incorporate that gene, and then produce sterile seeds as well. Meaning an entire region would then be unable to grow their own crops independent of Monsanto.

According to Sourcewatch, "on June 1, 2007 Monsanto completed a takeover of Delta & Pine Land, bought for $1.5 billion, which holds three terminator patents with the USDA and has "publically declared its intention to commercialize terminator". This is the kind of thing that could screw up the ecology of the planet and the world's food supply in short order. The best-laid plans of mice and men....well, you get the picture. Do you trust Monsanto? I don't. No matter what they say. Unfortunately, they have plenty of well-compensated toadies in government, including the agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public.

For those that are paying attention,  and who don't want to support this evil corporation, here is some great information and graphics which show what foods on your grocery store shelves contain Monsanto crops. I discovered that a couple of veggie burger brands were on this list. Yikes - no gmo soy for me! There is also a graphic showing which companies are owned by Monsanto as well. You'll notice there's a lot of companies in both categories. You can also watch the excellent documentary "The World according to Monsanto" from this page. If you haven't seen this yet, please make time for it soon. It's truly stunning.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Nice set up...all American, too!

First you create a problem that affects people then you buy up all the possibilities to mayke the problem go away to make sure no one else can correct the problem. $$$$ for you!

The owners know this will cause hardships, diseases and death but don't care. And those they hire to convince others it's ok are as bad as the worst members society fears.

And we are constantly being told that al qaeda and the taliban and whistleblowers are bad when the real, true, people-hating terrorist is, and has been for a long while, the American Corporate Businessman.

Someone needs to "cropdust" the homes of these nematodes with some of their own chemicals. But it would have to be done all at the same moments, all over the country. While they're at it, might as well do the factories and buildings where those who work for them can share the joy.

A few thousand pounds of some of their own sweet shit or agent orange dusting them and their precious offspring and friends...

Too radical a comment you say? As radical as "legally" killing and maiming your own people with the blessed, financial consent of someone else?

Might just be worth it in the long run!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

I think your idea is an excellent one!

And the blatant hypocrisy of our corrupt government! Allowing this toxic, monstrous corp with its many poisonous tentacles to destroy communities, farmers, and the planet - and then jailing people for using cannabis, a plant that has killed no one in its thousands of years of human use! A plant with many medicinal uses, at that.

We truly reside in the Bizarro Universe. This plutocratic, crony-capitalist empire has gotta be the most corrupt and nonsensical of the bunch.

10:31 AM  

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