Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear America: Please. Wake. Up.

Obama, Corporate Puppet among Many
This year, the New Deal turned 80. And those same New Deal programs championed by FDR, a Democrat, defined the bedrock of the American left political achievements for all others who would seek the presidency. Now, the corporate takeover of our government has proven that those New Deal programs can be slowly dismantled by a Democrat president, as the Obama administration fully digs its heels in on an austerity agenda.

He's not the one running the show, but rather, his strings are being pulled by Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers like  Pete Peterson , who is most of the wallet behind the corporate-funded "Fix the Debt" sham campaign. Even one of Fix the Debt's key spokesmen admitted that their goal was to create an " artificial crisis " that would justify gutting Social Security.

Jack Lew, Obama's Treasury secretary, is leading the administration's doublespeak on austerity. In Europe, he's told political leaders to lighten up on austerity measures. But in America, Lew is telling Congress to endorse President Obama's proposals to cut earned benefits for vulnerable Americans who need them to survive, even though Social Security doesn't contribute to the deficit. Lew is also a pawn of the corporate and financial string-pullers, coming from Citigroup before his years in the Clinton administration's division of budget. He was even guaranteed a bonus by Citigroup if he was able to secure a "high-level" federal job.

The corporations running our government want our public resources, too. The White House is currently mulling a proposal to sell off the Tennessee Valley Authority, which FDR's New Deal established as the nation's largest publicly-owned power company. Privatization of public resources is one of the key austerity measures being forced by the European Union right now, particularly in scorched-earth economies like Greece and Spain. Privatization of public resources, the selling-off of a public good for corporate profit, means that the people who depended on that service are usually subject to frequent price gouging, while under the thumb of an unaccountable private corporation.

Privatization is especially high on the agenda, considering the 10 oil spills that happened in America over just two weeks' time and the Senate's recent endorsement of the Keystone XL pipeline. A large public drinking water supply was tainted with 5,000 barrels of tar sands oil in Mayflower, Arkansas. Yet Bill Clinton, the only former US president from Arkansas, has been noticeably silent on Exxon's catastrophe even though Little Rock is just 25 miles North of Mayflower.

The silence from both Clinton and Obama on Mayflower is deafening, especially as Exxon has declared the area over the spill a no-fly zone, which has been enforced by Obama's FAA. Arkansas attorney general Dustin McDaniel, a Democrat, has even privatized oil spill cleanup, allowing a company that investigative journalist Steve Horn recently revealed is notorious for oil spill coverups. And since a loophole in federal law says that Exxon's spilled tar sands oil is bitumen and not oil, they won't have to pay for the cleanup.

The cleanup and coverup job for Mayflower will be paid for by the taxpayers, while the corporations that created the entire mess draw more record profits. BP did the same thing after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that ruined an entire region's economy, Deepwater wrote it off on their taxes as a loss, shifting the cost to suckers like us. The corporations who run our state and federal governments don't care which party is in power, as long as they can still control their agenda..... More here.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

First things first! Let's get one thing straight. In this or probably no other dimension is Obama a Democrat. We need to stop referring to him as one. IN every blog, on every site he needs to be called anything but a Democrat.

He's also not a puppet. He's a marionette with more strings attached to him than silk on a spider's web.

He's beholding to anyone with large amounts of money and will smile at someone whle he lies to their face if they can't help the agenda he's pushing.

This says it all.

He's a traitor, a quisling, a liar, a duplicitous mother but he's no Democrat.

The sooner people, especially the fucking blind, obot ostriches realize this we can start on a road to trying to find an actual Democrat for 2016. It may seem like Mission Impossible but there are some out there like Grayson and Warren.

What a team they would make! Either one as president or America's first co-presidents.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Father Tyme, you'll get no argument from me, or millions of others, that Obama's not a Democrat. He is a Democrat, in name only, but his actions tell us otherwise.

As I've said on this blog and others, many times and many ways, the man is a corporatist. It's the Corporatist Party that now controls our government and runs the show. It's the Corporatist Party that is the underlying operating system (such as DOS was for Windows). It's not plainly visible, except by those who dare to look, but it's the structure that controls and directs both major "parties".

I disagree with your statement that Obama is not a puppet -- but rather a marionette. Obama doesn't pull the strings. Others do. There hasn't been a sitting president in decades that has. They've all been beholden to Big Money; corporate power and influence. That's a fact. The same applies to the vast majority of those who write our laws in both houses of Congress, and apparently the judiciary.

Yes, he is a liar, and he is a traitor. No doubt. He's these things and many more besides. But mostly, and this can never be denied, he's most assuredly and most definitely, a corporatist.

9:10 AM  

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