Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trying to put lipstick on a pile o' crap...

When I see the news about the continuing violence, bloodshed, and decay in Iraq, I feel sick to my stomach. This was a developed country with infrastructure, schools, women's rights, good hospitals, airports - and now it's an utterly trashed, third-world hellhole, besieged by sectarian and Al-Qaida violence. The U.S. government did that, with the help of our tax dollars and lots of borrowed money from China to pay for it.  Knowing full well there were NO "weapons of mass destruction" there.

So when I hear wingnut Faux Nooze toadies like this wormboy claim that the Iraq war was"the smartest thing George Bush did", or this brain-trust assert that "Iraq now has a better future", well, I just wanna go somewhere and projectile vomit!

I think Bob Alexander has a much more reality-based assessment:

 "...The American public has a huge capacity for accepting monstrous behavior. Americans have grown tolerant of crimes committed by our government that in years past convened the Nuremberg trials. Our morally bankrupt corporatists, politicians, and journalists, point their fingers at Hitler and the Nazis to distract us from the reflection they see in their own mirrors. The World's Longest Holocaust In The History Of Mankind took place in this country. Tens of millions of Native Americans were slaughtered, yet an American child can go through 12 years of public schooling and not learn a fraction of what really happened.

And now the calendar says it’s been 10 years since our country invaded and conquered Iraq. It’s an anniversary that demands some sort of recognition so our politicians and pundit-crats have asked us, “Was the Iraq War worth it?”

What an insanely stupid question. At Kevin Gosztola, wrote, “…Numerous headlines for news stories or op-eds reflecting on the ten-year anniversary are framed in terms of costs versus benefits for America.

Do these sub-humans want us to file away the Iraq War in our memory banks as if an eight year long crime against humanity was some kind of bad investment!!?? What sort of morally degenerate cretin looks upon the dead, the wounded, and the mentally scarred, and asks if the war was “worth it?” Anyone who attempts to gloss over what the Bush-Cheney regime did, what the Republicans and Democrats did, what our media did, what our soldiers and mercenaries did, and turn it into a cost analysis on some effing spreadsheet somewhere is a monster..."  Read the rest.


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