Saturday, March 02, 2013

This is interesting.....

What if the underlying reason that many Israelis feel entitled to the lands of Israel and of Palestine is totally bogus? What if the truth is, there is no genetic basis for the tribe of Israel? An Israeli-American geneticist has (bravely) published an important study, which describes his findings that "the European Jewish genome is a mosaic of Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries, thereby consolidating previous contradictory reports of Jewish ancestry."

Interestingly, the study shows that the primary element in the genetic makeup of both Eastern European Jews and Central European Jews is Khazar. These are the folks living in Israel today. Their genome is largely Western European - not Judean. There were some Middle Eastern roots found, which Dr. Elhaik believes to be Mesopotamian, and perhaps a small amount of biblical Israel. But the majority of Jews living in Israel are not descended from Israelites from biblical times. They are in fact more likely to be descended from Roman soldiers who settled in Europe after their battles were done. In other words, they are not living in the land of their ancestors, and they are not its "rightful" heirs.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Gee Wally, maybe the Jews will get Israel back when North American Indians get back the U.S. of A.!

...and those where probably from Siberia and Asia via the land bridge between Sarah Palin's Front Porch and Today's Russia.

..and further back, don't those who started in the Great Rift Valley in African really own most of everything else?

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone just went home.

I'm heading to Mars and Dejah and Carthoris!

See y'all!

11:06 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

I'd settle for Amsterdam!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

The Other Side's lookin' pretty good right now...

6:50 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Maybe our ancestral countries-of-origin would take us in as genetic prodigals!

9:08 PM  

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