Saturday, March 09, 2013

Thinking about spring cleaning?

That's what I'm doing - thinking about it. When it comes to serious cleaning, I do best with just thinking about it. I also excel at wishing I had the funds to hire a wee bit of help, or at least someone to shovel the barn. (Whatever happened to neighborhood kids who want to earn money? I never even see any outside, let alone doing chores!)

Anyway, sooner or later, I will actually do some spring cleaning. With my own incredibly effective potions that I whip up for mere pennies, thereby saving myself money, and exposure to seriously toxic chemical crap that I don't want in the house, in the air, or going down the drain. That's why I was pleased to see these recipes from Mother Earth Living, for twelve easy, non-toxic formulas you can make to get your own place spiffy in no time.

I do suggest wheedling, whining, manipulating, bribing, browbeating, or hiring someone else to the cleaning for you, but failing that, at least you can feel good that you're doing some earth-friendly cleaning.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Ah yes! Spring cleaning.

When those in power try to sweep away all the problems they've created during the last year. But since they don't understand the concept (and most of their "help" is being called back south), rather than they, themselves cleaning, they close and lock the door, abandon the house and move into another formerly clean house they can pollute. Honestly, they are worse than teenages or frat boys!

We get to clean up their mess they graciously left for us. Isn't that nice of us and thoughtful of them?

Next year? Another cycle.Ad infinitum.

I suggest we find their new residence this year and start using better cleaners to remove the mess mess in the first place. Cleaners such as Fantastic, Rid-X (keeps the critters fed and happy), straight Chlorine, Muriatic and Nitric Acids, Lye and follow it up with a ton of baking soda to get the house sweet smelling (Mother nature won't even notice the little pollution this does to the environment after the much greater shit these inconsiderate slobs have done).

And if there are some unfortunate happenings (to some of those currently living there), well we just have to consider that acceptable losses or as they call it, collateral damage. ANd not to worry about losing too many of the messers, because we DO have a never ending supply of replacements for those who cause the situation in the first place.

Then just maybe we can enjoy the next spring without the mess.

Damn people! We shouldn't have to do the dirty work they leave for us. They need to be taught to lean up after themselves and if they won't learn, then need kicked out of the house.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

FT, the PTB have to do THEIR spring cleaning daily! After all, supressing truth, independent thought, and democracy all at once is a tall order.

They've already got the toxic poisons down pat....

1:18 PM  

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