Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Truth Will Set Us Free....

Regular readers here know that I often refer to the work of Paul Craig Roberts when writing about the state of our nation, and how it got this way. I think his analysis is usually spot-on, and his experience in the beltway bubble adds an insider's view often lacking in political expose.

Paul's latest, The Failure Of Laissez Faire Capitalism And Economic Dissolution of the West, is available as an e-book as of March 2013 from and from Barnes&Noble. He says that Kindle has free e-reader software for download, for both Mac and Windows, and you can access the download links on his homepage here. The following excerpts are from his discussion of the book, which you can also access on his website. The book's actual introduction is there, as well:

 Not only has your economy been stolen from you but also your civil liberties. My coauthor Lawrence Stratton and I provide the scary details of the entire story in The Tyranny of Good Intentions. In the US law is no longer a shield of the people against arbitrary government. Instead, law has been transformed into a weapon in the hands of the government. 

Josie Appleton documents that in England also law has been turned into a weapon against the people. Anglo-American law, the foundation of liberty and one of the greatest human achievements, lies in ruins....Citizens of the US and UK are once again without the protection of law and subject to arbitrary arrests and indictments or to indefinite detention in the absence of indictments.

In the US, citizens can be detained indefinitely and even executed without due process of law. There is no basis in the US Constitution for these asserted powers. The unconstitutional powers exist only because Congress, the judiciary and the American people have accepted the lie that the loss of civil liberty is the price paid for protection against terrorists.

In a very short time the raw power of the state has been resurrected. Most Americans are oblivious to this outcome. As long as government is imprisoning and killing without trials demonized individuals whom Americans have been propagandized to fear, Americans approve. Americans do not understand that a point is reached when demonization becomes unnecessary and that precedents have been established that revoke the Bill of Rights..... MORE.


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