Thursday, March 28, 2013

The FBI's "Top Priority" for 2013? Spying on YOU

Specifically, being able to read your gmail emails, google voice, and dropbox in real time. Apparently that "real time" aspect has been problematic for them in the past. But bless their little hearts, they are forging ahead, determined to codify their unconstitutional eavesdropping at will. Along with tapping into cloud storage, and more.

Well, that's nice, isn't? Instead of pursuing racketeering, government  malfeasance, and grand theft fraud by big banks, Wall Street,  and other activities which harm the public, they're primarily focused on intruding into the private business of individuals. We're not talking about suspected mobsters here, folks. Not suspects, or even suspected "terrorists". This is invading the private interactions of citizens who are not suspected of anything. In other words, us. All of us.

I know, it's not surprising. We've known for ages they don't work on our behalf or for our best interests. We get that eavesdropping on everyone (and harassing medical marijuana providers out of existence so Big Pharma has no competition), is certainly easier than the gritty work of real investigation, and building cases against serious criminals. As is persecuting environmentalists and animal rights activists. I mean, c'mon, those grubby little tree and bunny-hugger types rarely have the money for decent lawyers - whereas the billionaire Wall Street set can make investigations very tedious, with their pricey law firms on speed-dial, and whatnot.  After all, don't we have the best justice system money can buy?

Besides, nowadays, if it doesn't benefit the transnational corporations/MIC/banksters/prison-industrial complex, there's no point doing it. What good are a bunch of trees, animals, and peace-loving weed smokers? That doesn't lead to increased profit for the masters! (unless of course they're converted into product)... No sirree, they've got to keep focused on priorities, and control. Control over everything, everyone, and every transaction. The oldest dream of tyrants and empires, updated for us in an Orwellian nightmare of micromanagement. Your tax dollars at work!

How is it that in these days of slashing programs and sequester cuts, there is apparently unlimited funding for such demonstrably unproductive uses of taxpayer dollars?? Kindly ask your legislative critters this question and then let me know what they tell you. If nothing else, we'll have a good laugh!


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Just another tool of business. Get the info on Americans so they can be sold 2013 Veg-O-Matics, Ron Popeil Pocket Fishermen and Pet Rocks and all the Credit Card Apps in the world.

Besides the easiness of informational voyeurism (you read that term here first), those bad guys have guns! And nobody is doing anything to take them away! Gosh Batman, an FBI agent could get hurt doing the job the public thinks they're supposed to do!

Why go after dangerous or wealthy crooks when you can pick on the little people who can't pick back?

Which came first - the FBI and Gov picking on little people or the New American Gestapo harassing common Americans?

You silly girl!

1:48 PM  

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