Thursday, March 07, 2013

So Tired of the Bullshit....

I keep wondering why, in terms of the budget, all we hear out of the Beltway Bubble  is cuts, cuts, deficit, deficit, and more cuts.  As pointed out here and many other places, the deficit is actually going down. And has been for awhile! Way down. Unlike unemployment, and the price of...well, everything.

Maybe the Cat Food Commission and the cabal of billionaires that have wormed their way into the White House inner circle have something to do with it. Billionaire CEOs from incredibly profitable companies that not only don't pay ANY income tax, they also get large refunds from the federal government. But that isn't enough for them, and they are determined to take Social Security and Medicare from working Americans who DO pay taxes, based on their pet theory that the rest of us should pay to "fix the economy". In other words, pay for the economic disasters that were the fault of Wall Street and Bankster scams.

Of course, none of those folks have been, or will be held accountable. Besides, it's easier to blame the victims and brainwash the frazzled and the seriously misinformed masses. 

Thom Hartmann explains that, "besides defunding Social Security and Medicare, shows how “Fix the Debt” may also be a front for exploiting a corporate tax loophole to its fullest potential. Many of the corporations involved with “Fix the Debt” pay a negative tax rate – instead of paying taxes, they get government money back – which is a major reason why we have such a large federal deficit right now.

These corporations are pushing for a “globally competitive” tax structure that Citizens for Tax Justice says would increase the US debt by $1 trillion over the next decade, and would also encourage the offshoring of U.S jobs. While exploiting a corporate tax loophole isn’t a direct goal of “Fix the Debt,” the proposed “globally competitive” tax structure would bring in $134 billion for at least 63 corporations involved with “Fix the Debt,” according to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies."

Hartmann also says that the con job is working on the public. Of course it is - the billionaires own the corporate media! The media reflects whatever (and frames information however) the controlling conglomerate tells it too. The bottom line is the bottom line - the corporate media are ultimately agenda-driven tools of the very richest people on the planet. "Liberal" media? Please! If only. At this point I'd settle for accurate media.

 He explains, "Average Americans have no idea that Social Security is just fine, and has a $2.7 trillion surplus.....Americans – particularly young Americans – are more likely than not to doubt Social Security will survive as long as they will.

"This perception that the social safety net in this country is failing is helping turn America into a feudalistic state. Like in Dickens' 19th Century England, the wealthy elite increasingly control everything, and the working class is forced to live off of billionaire scraps."

And it doesn't help matters that Obama keeps offering up big cuts in these programs to the repugs. If you care that the programs you paid into all your working life will be there when you need them, and will still be there for your kids - not some privatized Wall Street scheme - then you better start squawking, folks. Loudly.


Blogger The Kind Vampire said...

We are not alone, Babe. "The Revolution Will not be Televised" - Gil Scott Heron - It's in the souls and Spirits of us that can't be spied upon, infiltrated, imprisoned, executed - I am of the Spiritual and Mystic, and I love my natural garden. I want to come to NC and visit you. I Love you. - Greg -

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