Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Congress Protects Monsanto, Not Third Graders

Of course not! We're a country by the corporations, for the corporations.*  Congress is well aware of who their real bosses are. Hint: It isn't us.
   *aka fascism

By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News
My 9-year-old niece Evelyn in Maryland is already very politically-active. Like most of America, she was saddened and outraged about the kids in Connecticut who were mowed down by a killer wielding an assault rifle with 30-round clips. She was especially horrified that the victims were her own age, and in class when they were shot. The 113th Congress has already decided that while it won't protect 3rd graders from assault rifles and high-powered magazines, it will protect Monsanto from the courts. They won't listen to a third grader who took the time to make her own sign and join a march in DC in support of sensible gun regulations, but they'll listen to anyone who writes a big enough check........

Thanks to Monsanto's aggressive lobbying, Congress hid a provision deep in a Homeland Security section of their recently passed budget, by way of a long-winded paragraph loaded with indecipherable legalese, allowing the agribusiness giant to plant genetically-modified (GM) crops without judicial review to determine whether or not their crops are safe. Essentially, Monsanto bought enough influence to bypass the system of checks and balances.

All that's needed to solidify this goodie to Monsanto is President Obama's signature. Although Obama said in 2007 that he would "immediately" work to label GM foods if elected, Obama in 2012 appointed a Monsanto executive as his administration's food safety czar. It's safe to say the bill will get signed, paving the way for mutant food to hit the grocery store shelves without any obstacles.

Obama won't pay attention to the petition with 100,000+ signatures from people representing all 50 states demanding to reject the Monsanto Protection Act, just as Congress didn't pay attention to 3rd graders marching for gun regulations. This corrupt government will continue down this pay-to-play spiral until we all start throwing wads of cash at them, or organize as one unified group of people and oust them ourselves. Read entire article here.


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