Monday, February 25, 2013

Here it Comes!

And it promises to be an extremely ugly mess. The so-called sequester cuts, due to kick in on March 1, will likely be the trigger to an official recession. Of course, some of us are feeling like we're already in a recession, since the "recovery" never trickled down our way! But what they're talking about now will be disastrous, and not just on the federal level. These cuts will create a domino effect on state programs, which have already made austerity cuts totaling 337 billion dollars, even before the March 1st reductions. There's not much cutting room left!

600,000 food stamp (SNAP) recipients will be cut, along with devastating cuts to unemployment benefits, massive education cuts, 12 billion dollars in Medicare cuts, and so on. And this is just for starters - this level of slashing will happen every year for the next decade. At which time there will be little left of most major public programs.

Both parties are pointing fingers at each other, but both are to blame. Lawmakers have admitted privately they have no alternative plan at the moment, but they don't need some big-ass plan; they made up these cuts and can undo them if they so choose. The salient point here is that both sets of legislative bozos are choosing NOT to do that. In reality, there is no fiscal emergency - other than the one both parties have created as a pretext to cut vital public programs and protect tax breaks for the rich.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

It's always nice when you can gamble everything with someone else's money...and lives.

But one of those two things may turn out to be something the gamblers themselves, lose.

We'll see whether money or their lives and the lives of their families are more important.

A good friend back int he70s when we were al worried about the runaway inflation said it doesn't do any good to have bread selling for 10 cents a loaf if you ain't got a dime. But you don't mind paying a dollar a loaf if you have the money.

The corollary to that is if there's no bread or anyone to bake it, that dollar ain't worht shit.

It's nice to know they'll eventually starve just like the rest of us. And dying longer may not be as nice as dying quicker.

10:35 PM  

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