Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Social Security!!


Today is Social Security’s 77th birthday. But with Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick, the promise of Social Security is under threat now more than ever.

Romney/Ryan would gut Social Security and Medicare to pay for trillions in tax giveaways to the top 2%. Under Ryan's budget, Mitt Romney would have paid a .82% tax rate.1

In Congress, Ryan pushed an even more radical version of President Bush’s Social Security privatization plan that even the Bush administration called “irresponsible.”2 Why? Because he wants to turn Social Security’s guaranteed benefit into private retirement accounts — putting our seniors' futures at risk, while handing Wall Street a massive payday.3

The heart of Social Security is the guarantee that no senior will be left alone and poor after a lifetime of work. But Paul Ryan is the leading architect of a Republican budget that would strip away that guarantee — leaving millions of seniors on their own and at the mercy of Wall Street.

It’s a shot at the very heart of what Social Security is all about. But to Paul Ryan? He thinks Social Security is nothing but a “Ponzi scheme.”4 This, despite the fact that by his own account, he used Social Security survivor benefits to pay his way through college.5 *  
(*MRP: Just like his idol Ayn Rand, who collected Medicare and retirement under the name Ann O'Connor, her husband's last name)

Paul Ryan may claim he’s a “deficit hawk,” but his famed Ryan budget would do nothing to decrease the deficit. In fact, if implemented, Ryan’s plan would increase the deficit to more than $22 trillion by 2022!6

What Ryan’s plan would really do is gut vital programs millions of Americans rely on to get by. It's so devastating to the poor and middle class, he received a rebuke from the nation’s Catholic Bishops.7 He wants to privatize Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps, and wants to effectively eliminate all other programs that help the middle class.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s plan would support unrestricted military spending and $5 trillion in new tax cuts for the ultra-rich.8 And that's not including his plans to renew the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% as well as eliminating capital gains taxes all together. By Mitt Romney’s own admission, under Ryan’s plan, he and the rest of the top 1% would pay practically zero in taxes.9 That’s right, ZERO. As if the ultra-rich aren’t already getting away with not paying their fair share.

This issue is too big to ignore. Social Security provides vital retirement, disability, survivorship and death benefits. It’s America’s most effective poverty reduction program. But not if Paul Ryan gets his hands on it.
Will you sign our petition demanding Mitt Romney protect the promise we made to our seniors by saying no to Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Social Security? We’ll deliver your signatures to the Republican National Convention in Florida at the end of the month.


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