Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Spoke too soon :(

From NC Conservation Network:

We have some tough news. In the cover of darkness, and in one of the most bizarre voting sessions we’ve ever seen at the North Carolina General Assembly, legislators voted to override the Governor’s veto of the fracking bill (S820), making it law.

One legislator mistakenly voted to override and was not allowed to change her vote. Meanwhile, Republican leaders appear to have “purchased” another vote from a former fracking opponent, Rep. Susi Hamilton, by passing her pet project last night (a $60 million tax handout for the film industry). You can read more about the crazy night here. Had EITHER of these Representatives voted correctly, the bill would not have passed. It should not have passed – but alas, with these late night shenanigans, it did.

While we may have lost this battle, the fight isn’t over. It’s important that we thank those legislators who voted to oppose fracking and sustain the Governor’s veto. Your Rep., Chuck McGrady, did so! Please thank Rep. McGrady for voting to oppose fracking in NC: http://action.ncconservationnetwork.org/ThanksRepsS820


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