Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jeff lets it rip...

I got this clip from BrassCheck TV. They referred to the show from which it's taken, HBO's "The Newsroom", as a false catharsis. BTV says that "A 'false' catharsis is the purging of negative emotions in a manner that does not create any real change in the source of these negative emotions. This is very much like treating the symptoms while leaving the illness intact."

I don't know whether or not that's true of this show, but I do know that the first step to change is recognizing the issues, and naming things for what they are. The Emperor has not been wearing clothes for some time now! While his nakedness is obvious to non-Americans as he parades around on the global stage, his massive corpulence has swung a giant wrecking ball into our lives, our jobs, our property, our futures - and still most citizens turn their heads so as to not see what's happening.

I haven't seen even one episode of this show yet - I don't have cable, although some of this is on YouTube , but any show saying even some of this stuff out loud on mainstream television seems worth a look.

Where's Howard Beal when you need him?


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

I was just remarking to someone the other day how I need to make a point of watching this show. It airs too late on Sunday nights, so I'll have to find out when HBO reruns it earlier in the evening during the week.

Thanks for the reminder.

12:25 PM  

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