Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Solstice Eve...

Peak light. The pinnacle of the year's rays. Maximum plant growth.

I'm sitting on my front porch, absorbing the encroaching twilight. It's not even dark, but the fireflies are already blinking over the long expanse of grass. The birds are still exchanging loud conversation - and periodically, insults.

Everything around me here on the porch is green, lush, full. It's one of those times you wish you could bottle - then uncork  and revel in as often as you wanted. The smell of the air. The feel and look of the light. The sounds. The transcendental calm.


Yes, I'm still alive. The last couple of weeks have been extremely intense. A sudden family emergency, the ending of my job. And now I'm ill with that lovely summer cold/sinus infection/allergy meltdown that's nabbing folks around here.

But I didn't want to stay away any longer. Besides, very soon now  I'll have the pleasure of lots more writing time (and farming time, yippee!) So much going on now that needs our attention...urgent things,  things that will impact all of us.  I confess that in my emotional malaise, I found I could hardly stand  to look at my email subject lines, or site headlines. Let alone read the articles!

Do you ever get like that? If so, how long do those times tend to last for you?.


Blogger The Kind Vampire said...

Yes I know that episode well. I hope that this goes through to you - What is your email? I've been having problems posting with the two words. ???

1:30 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Vampy, I'll re-check my blogger settings. Lately Blogger seems to be changing things up...

You can always email me at annavanz AT gmx DOT com.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Father Tyme said...

"Do you ever get like that? If so, how long do those times tend to last for you?."

Since an early November Tuesday, 1980.

I'll let you know when or IF...it ends.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Sounds about right! Dear gawd. Our country (and maybe our species) are SO doomed.

I've been so overwhelmed with the stressors of life that I was at the point where I couldn't deal with one. more. thing.

I'm also setting up a couple of revenue opps, and while they may not be self-supporting for awhile, my goal is to not be totally at the mercy of this pitiful job market.

Besides, psychologically speaking, I doubt I'm going to fit into many corporatized electronic (and non-profit) sweatshops that are now ubiquitous.

It's hard to go back and pretend, once you've seen that the emperor most definitely has no clothes!

I need to remain sane if I'm going to function!

10:27 PM  
Blogger Father Tyme said...

I was watching Star Wars...again - (for the umpteenth time) and Obi Wan makes a rather profound statement to young Luke.
It's somehow pertinent to today's Americans.

He said:
"Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

Pick a him...any him. And watch the fools follow!

The 21st Century Pied Piper of America.

I just don't understand why this nation isn't happy! Isn't ignorance bliss?

6:58 AM  

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