Wednesday, May 02, 2012


"Interestingly," writes Jason Ditz at, "with the ink now drying on the document and the US officially committed to the occupation of Afghanistan for another decade, officials are continuing to tout 2014 as the “end” of the war. This speaks to how the 2024 date, though openly discussed by the Karzai government in Afghanistan and privately acknowledged as part of the secret pact, has not been publicly presented to the American public. When they will officially spring it on us remains unclear."....

From: Obama's Midnight' Deal Will Stretch Afghan War to 2024
  -Common Dreams

As usual, the reality is markedly different from the msm spin. I heard a local network affiliate today promoting an upcoming broadcast, and one of the featured topics was something like "Will soldiers have enough to do with no war"? With no war? Dear gawd. Do they really imagine us to be that stupid? (Wait, don't answer that!) There are 761 US Military Bases across the planet, according to Wiki, not to mention scores of active "conflicts" and covert ops our gubmint is involved in. We're Warfare Tools-R-Us! That is our main industry.

And aside from the fact that clearly military operations will NOT be over in 2014, does anyone doubt for a second that Gov-Corp will create a major "crisis" before 2014 even arrives?


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