Monday, May 21, 2012

OH HELL NO!! Fracking Bill Moving Forward in NC Senate!!

Unless you want to wake up to earthquakes, poisoned groundwater, and the ruination of untold natural areas, you'd better contact your Senator immediately. You need to make clear that fracking is absolutely unacceptable for North Carolina. If you're like me, you probably think it's unacceptable anywhere, but right now NC is where the battle is.

If they try and give you the standard industry propaganda that fracking will provide all these magical jobs, don't buy it - that's a crock. (and if it's anything like the construction business, half the workers would be illegal immigrants anyway!) Ask your esteemed Senators what they plan on doing about the tourism jobs lost, and the mom-and-pop businesses that will fail when people no longer care to visit formerly pristine areas that have been tainted by fracking and its damage.

In North Carolina, the environmental risks are significantly greater. The Charlotte Observer notes that in NC, "the natural gas reserves are much closer to groundwater than in other states, and the rock in between is not watertight and could permit potent fracking chemicals to work their way upward and contaminate the aquifers, state regulators say."  (There are regulators in this state?? Who knew!)

And what's happened in the states which already allow fracking? What has been the result? What do independent (not funded by oil and gas industry) scientists say?  In a piece titled Fracking is far more dangerous to Health, Environment than Industry Claims, Walter Brasch includes this:

 “Some of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing—or liberated by it—are carcinogens,” Dr. Sandra Steingraber told members of the Environmental Conservation and Health committee of the New York State Assembly. Dr. Steingraber, a biologist and distinguished scholar in residence at Ithaca College, pointed out that some of the chemicals “are neurological poisons with suspected links to learning deficits in children,” while others “are asthma triggers. Some, especially the radioactive ones, are known to bioaccumulate in milk. Others are reproductive toxicants that can contribute to pregnancy loss.”

An investigation by New York Times reporter Ian Urbina, based upon thousands of unreported EPA documents and a confidential study by the natural gas industry, concluded, “Radioactivity in drilling waste cannot be fully diluted in rivers and other waterways.” Urbina learned that wastewater from fracking operations was about 100 times more toxic than federal drinking water standards; 15 wells had readings about 1,000 times higher than standards.

Research by Dr. Ronald Bishop, a biochemist at SUNY/Oneonta, suggests that fracking to extract methane gas “is highly likely to degrade air, surface water and ground-water quality, to harm humans, and to negatively impact aquatic and forest ecosystems.” He notes that “potential exposure effects for humans will include poisoning of susceptible tissues, endocrine disruption syndromes, and elevated risk for certain cancers.”

Every well, says Dr. Bishop, “will generate a sediment discharge of approximately eight tons per year into local waterways, further threatening federally endangered mollusks and other aquatic organisms.”  In addition to the environmental pollution by the fracking process, Dr. Bishop believes “intensive use of diesel-fuel equipment will degrade air quality [that could affect] humans, livestock, and crops.”

If you'd also like to sign onto a letter to your Senator opposing fracking in NC, you can do so here. But please, take an extra couple of minutes and make a phone call to your Senator, also.

Most of us who live in WNC do so because we treasure the gorgeous natural resources here. It's a quality of life that you can't put a price tag on. But our resources are also delicate and finite. Environmentally, once something is gone, it's gone - there are no do-overs. No industry, and no corporation, has the right to rob us  of these precious natural resources. So honey, get on that phone and give that toady Senator of yours what-for!


Blogger Father Tyme said...

A number of years ago, New York City had a garbage strike. Some people eventually got pissed enough to take and dump their garbage on the steps of the Mayor (don't remember if it was Lindsey or Koch).

Maybe it's time some toluene, acetone, xylene and other solvents (nice clean products the government has decreed) be delivered to the homes of those politicians who vote for fracking.
In fact, feel free to give to their relatives and friends; take some to their kids' schools and soccer games and ballet classes.

Imagine a waiter at a swank D.C. eatery giving a glass of water to a corproate dick and his friends and especially family then telling the chump after his meal that it was water from a fracking well. Of course, the waiter would have to be a plant much like those participants in the resistance of long ago.

But why stop at water? Let them (and their freinds and family who are dining with them)know they've eaten food that contains everything from rat shit to carcinogens, pink slime to "Round Up"...all commercial, of course.
Don't forget the surf and turf with added atibiotics and mercury and you've got the makings of world class media attention...but at a price for some.

Nah. No one will do it!

8:33 AM  

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