Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Carolinians Please Call Now

I just received this alert from NC Conservation Network:

A bill that promotes and legalizes fracking in North Carolina is starting to move in the state legislature (although it would postpone permitting until regulations are in place). We need your help to stop it!
We want to generate 100 phone calls to Governor Perdue and show her that regular people across North Carolina oppose the rush to bring fracking to our state.

 Some reasons your legislators and the Governor should oppose S820:
  • The bill commits the state to establish a major new regulatory program before we've resolved basic questions about the size of the resource, estimates of which continue to shrink.
  • The bill will prohibit local governments from deciding that fracking operations are not proper for their communities.
  • Even IF fracking could be done safely (doubtful), the industry itself says it wouldn’t come to NC for over 20 years. Technology and safe standards are changing rapidly in other states and at the national level. Any regulations adopted under S820 will be outdated long before the industry would come to NC.
 Call Governor Bev Perdue at 1-(800)-662-7952 or (919)-733-2391 and leave a message using our sample script (however, we encourage you to use your own words):

"I am calling to urge the Governor to oppose Senate Bill 820 and any bill that legalizes fracking in North Carolina. The Governor said North Carolina should consider fracking only if it can be shown to be done responsibly and in a manner that protects our water and communities. However, Senate Bill 820 is very irresponsible and rushes our state into fracking when there are still many unanswered questions. Please oppose Senate Bill 820 and any bill that puts NC on a path towards legalizing fracking in our state. Thank you."

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