Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It's May Day.

Do you know where your paycheck is? Personally,  I wonder what the hell happened to mine! (Aside from my impending layoff, that is). My wages were actually slightly lower this year, while the cost of everything from groceries to gas sky-rocketed. Like many Americans, I'm not keeping up.  Look at the graph below:

As Think Progress notes, the productivity of American workers is high, but wages are stagnant. We do more work, yet our wages don't change.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

A few years ago (under Clinton or Bush...who knows?) they way they determined inflation was quite different from the way it's done now.

It seems if food and gas and heating were all factored in, why, the rate of infaltion would be continually rising and make any administration look bad. Can't have that. So we need a way to make the sheep think the grazing is still cheap!

So, what to do? I know! We'll ignore food and gas and heating (and other basic necessities) and just check on the cost of widgets from Eastkabumfuck Kansas - and since those big demand products haven't gone up in price, well, we know infaltion isn't that bad! Right?

A bottle of Pepsi in 2004 was 89 cents; today $1.59
Hamburger (with pink slime) $1.89/pound: today, 73% "lean" $2.99/ pound (with pink slime) and if you want it without pink slime...$3.29/pound!

(Remember the PR bullshit campaign to remove lead from gas to help the environment? Remember that lead isn't natural to gas? That it has to be "ADDED?" Then we were told it would cost more for gas because they had to "get the lead out" that wasn't needed in the first place? Boy, were we dumb then...but now we're MUCH smarter!)

There's more and I'm sure you can all add to the list, but according to our [corporate] government, inflation just ain't that bad! So why are you all complainin'?

Oh, by the way, wages haven't gone up, so what is the real cause of the higher prices? An elected corporate shill actor to start with then with NAFTA from a pseudo Democratic President and finally two complete tools of Wall Street in 12 years!

Things just couldn't be better! ...and that's the truth! At least for those who aren't running the country.

Only one way to change things...and I don't think it's at the electronic ballot machine!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Peter of Lone Tree said...

My outgo exceeeds my income; therefore my upkeep will be my downfall.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Squeezing blood from a turnip...they're doin' it!

How much squeezin' will the American people allow, before...you know...?

9:50 PM  

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