Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anyone out there still with Bank of America?

Then I'm sure you'll be thrilled to know that your bank account and related info may soon be available to call center workers in the Philippines.

That's because after U.S. taxpayers gave BoA a 45 billion dollar bailout less than three years ago, and announced their plan to lay off 30,000 in the fall of 2011, they have now decided to up their profit margins even more by outsourcing a portion of their customer services operations to the Philippines.

An article at Mother Jones says that "America's second-largest bank is relocating its business-support operations to the Philippines, according to a high-ranking Filipino government official recently quoted in the Filipino press. The move...includes a portion of the bank's customer service unit."

Nice. This is yet another example of what the "job creators" do with their wealth, much of which has been gained from taxpayer largesse: They create jobs, alright; in third-world countries!

Do you get it yet, wingnuts? Your high priests of capitalism don't give a rat's ass about you, or about jobs for Americans. They strip what meat is left from the carcass, and then move on to the next profit opportunity (which benefits only the elite investor class) without a second thought. You and yours are a NON-FACTOR. You are not one of them, nor will you ever be. You are merely a useful idiot - for the time being.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Golly Beav, don't even concern yourself with that security and privacy thing. I'm sure BoA will never let any data fall into the wrong hands...wait...what? That already happened? IN AMerica? Well at least it didn't go international! Ha ha! Gotta love American Injun-uity!

Can anyone get am an Imelda Marcus Shoe catalog? What? BoA can? Oh boy!

2:33 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Sure! And the shoes will be made in the Philippines by sweatshop workers, with no rights, no protections, and no environmental standards.

But they will be cheap!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Father Tyme said...

But American Business will still charge as though they were made by Prada! complaining the whole time about regulation and taxes and how no one understands that a million a year really isn't that much! and we'll still have to bail them out when they overspend.

Just another lost battle to the enemy in the War on America waged by corporations!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Father Tyme said...

A hundred freakin' bucks for tennis shoes? What happened to Keds and PF Flyers?
Gawd, I AM old!

10:04 PM  

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