Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here We Go Again!

It never ends, this determination to strip U.S. citizens of the last few shreds of privacy and basic civil rights. Remember SOPA, in which Congress would bar access to web content that's protected under the First Amendment?

Now they've trotted out CISPA β€” the Cybersecurity Information and Sharing Protection Act, and according to the ACLU, this legislation does something even scarier.

The ACLU states that "It's an attempt to give the government and military agencies unprecedented power to snoop through people's personal information. This includes medical records, private emails, financial information β€” and the government can do it without a warrant, proper oversight or limits."

Essentially this bill gives the NSA the ability to collect the internet and other information of people regardless of whether they are doing anything wrong or not. A person doesn't have to be in any way suspicious, or engaging in suspicious online activity for the government to help itself to pretty much ALL of your private information.

Clearly our wingnut-controlled Congress believes they are entitled to legislate away our constitutional rights and protections. There is apparently no intrusion, no trespass too extreme for the goose-stepping minions of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex when it comes to national "security". Of course, there is absolutely zero evidence that these dictatorial measures would provide ANY measure of crime prevention, but then that's not what laws like this are really about, are they?

This is essentially the same con that Gov-Corp has run on the public since 9/11: We have to dismantle the constitutional rights of the citizenry in order to "protect the homeland." It's just another excuse to continue the systematic removal of individual rights, so that by the time the PTB are done, we have none. And folks, it doesn't get any more Third Reich than that.

Please send a letter to your loathesome legislators here, and if you're feeling especially ambitious, see if you can light a fire under your comatose friends and relatives.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Remember when the people we elected were the one who wrote laws?

Now it's all done by corporations.

That means we don't need lawyers as Senators or Representatives...or even Presidents! We can now elect the genius from Wasilla, the Miss South Carolina burned out lightbulb or even someone (anyone!) from Fox and still get the same laws passed we have today.
The only requirement is age. You can be a room temp IQ'd houseplant and serve in Congress. Is that what you people really want...536 stooges? Well, you got 'em!

Ask your local rep and your Federal one, too, just what bills they have thought up or penned themselves...without any help from lobbyists or corporations.

Wanna bet the response can be counted on one finger of hand?

8:50 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

It's clear to anyone who is truly paying attention that large multi-nationals run this country through their puppet legislators. Democracy? What a joke! If this nation's founders were alive today, they'd be projectile vomiting. This is fascism, folks - complete with a Pravda-style mass media.

2:47 PM  

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