Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First, They Came for my Junk....

This cartoon by Ted Rall hits the nail on the head. Is anyone paying attention outside of the progressive and civil rights communities? This Supreme Court will go down in history as the enormously destructive and fascist entity that it is. And undoubtedly the full damage it has wrought will only be seen in its totality by future historians. Assuming there is a future with intelligent beings capable of reflection!

(click on image to enlarge)

The U.S. Supreme Court rules that strip-searches and body cavity searches of everyone arrested in the United States for any reason, including for minor traffic offenses, are perfectly legal.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Excellent cartoon! It certainly does hit the nail on the head, doesn't it?

The Supreme Court continues to defile and annihilate the Bill of Rights...right before our eyes.

3:50 AM  

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