Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New GOP Voting Restrictions Barring Elderly Women From the Polls

And elderly men, many students, the poor - basically all the folks that the GOP would just as soon didn't vote. Re-mapping voting districts in their favor, voter i.d. laws that amount to defacto poll taxes, and Koch-funded fascist Governors who simply sign away the rights of the public are apparently viewed by the GOP as easier, more predictable ways to steal elections.

Steve Benen of Washington Monthly writes, "To rationalize the β€œwar on voting,” Republican policymakers point to the scourge of voter fraud. The problem, of course, is that the allegations of fraud are largely imaginary, and GOP officials are really just looking for excuses to block traditionally-Democratic constituencies from voting."

As you've read here many times, I think both factions of our one political party suck. They've both sold us out. But in terms of sheer evil, greed, and lust for power, no one can match the unadulterated hatefulness and contempt for democracy of the GOP. If their lips are moving, you can rest assured that whatever spews forth is a lie, designed to mislead and manipulate the simpletons who don't know any better.

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From Alternet:
The poll tax that isn't a poll tax is arriving around the country in the form of new GOP-instated voter restrictions--and the ACLU is filing suits.

The anticipated victims of these stringent id requirements include the poor, the young who don't drive, students, and minorities, and as Rachel Maddow noted in a devastating segment last night, the elderly....including an 84-year-old woman--and member of her town council--who has cast her vote in elections regularly for 63 years. Now, thanks to efforts by the one and only Scott Walker, she cannot exercise her rights in this one.


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