Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans March Today in Oakland for Wounded Protesters

Reader Supported News:

Outrage erupted among a group of veterans at the Occupy Wall Street protest last week after Iraq War veteran Kayvan Sabeghi said police clubbed him during a November 3 standoff between officers and supporters of Occupy Oakland.

On Friday, fellow former service members plan to march in Oakland to denounce police brutality that they say was the cause of Sabeghi's ruptured spleen and the injury suffered by another Iraq War veteran and Occupy Oakland protester, Scott Olsen, who witnesseses said was hit by a police projectile on October 25.

"No one should be treated like that whether they're a veteran or not," said Michael Thurman, who helped spearhead Friday's march, which leaves from Frank Ogawa Plaza at 4 p.m.

The veterans' injuries and their engagement with the Occupy movement have an infamous precedent that resonates with events continuing to unfold in the center of downtown Oakland.... see the rest.


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