Monday, November 28, 2011

Reality Check 101

This is William Black, who put over 1,000 bankers in jail during the S & L crisis. As RealEconTV says, "This is not a class struggle. It's a struggle between a deeply entrenched criminal class and the productive class, the vast majority of people who work hard at work, at home and in school.

The US is being gutted from the top down much in the same way the USSR was gutted at the end of its life by its elites... If we don't stop this now, the US as we know it (opportunity for the honest and hard working) is done for."

WHERE THE HELL IS THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT?? Why, they're very busy - busy attacking medical marijuana patients and producers! Which is protecting who exactly?

Postscript: Read what Bloomberg found out about the real cost of the monster bank bailouts....(warning: rage and nausea ahead!)


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