Monday, November 07, 2011

Call Senator Kay Hagan's Office NOW

And tell her you want her to VOTE NO ON S.J. Res. 6!!


This is a sneak attack - telecoms and their pet Senators are trying to ram this through before anyone finds out what's going on.

SJ6 would give phone and cable corporations complete control over the Internet. This means that telecoms will be able to restrict your access to web sites, video services, and mobile applications. This is even more disastrous for those of us in rural areas, who have few to no options in internet providers in the first place - it's not like we can just "go elsewhere" for service.

The vote could come as early as tomorrow, so call now. Those of you who live in other states, please call your own senators.


Blogger Jon said...

Hiz Higness says he'll veto the bill if it gets to his desk.

In other news, Obama proposed a single payer insurance option...
Santa will ride in the Macy's Parade on a unicorn...

and the check's in the mail!


10:42 AM  

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