Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yes, I'm Nagging. Please, Call Now,

while you're thinking about it - we all know how easy it is to get busy and forget what we planned on doing! Thanks to the Oregon Progressive Party for this info. I think we can lump all these NAFTA-like deals into one descriptive term: SHAFTA.

President Obama introduced three NAFTA-style "Free Trade Agreements" into Congress Monday. These are with Panama, Colombia and So. Korea. These agreements had been negotiated by Pres. Bush, and now, like Pres Clinton did with NAFTA, our Democratic party President is moving these Republican negotiated agreement ahead.

These agreements must be defeated. Each agreement signed using the NAFTA template is another nail in the coffin of democracy. "Free Trade Agreements" allow corporations to sue in secret international trade tribunals when they think that future profits will be threatened. Recently the WTO in two cases ruled against laws passed by the US Congress and signed by the US President . A third decision is pending. The two laws (1) allowed a Dolphin Safe label on canned tuna and (2) restricted the import of clove flavored cigarettes. The cigarette restriction was enacted as clove cigarettes are regarded as an entry-level cigarette to hook young people on smoking.

Such rulings on the part of the WTO undermine our democractic processes; they steal our sovereignty. We cannot pass more of these agreements and still call ourselves a self-governing people.

Call your US Rep. and Senators using this toll free number 1-800-718-1008 and tell them to vote No on all three of these agreements.
Tuesday is a national call-in day but the number will be good after Tuesday. Thanks to the AFL-CIO for providing the number.


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