Sunday, October 09, 2011

Update on Occupy Asheville

From Op-Ed News
By Michael Morgan
Update on Occupy Asheville, NC.
10/9/11, End of week One.

We began on Saturday, October 1st, 2012. There has been a General Assembly (GA) every day. We've been blessed with good weather and lots of fresh faces showing up. Numbers are steadily growing. Treasury is steadily growing. Businesses are contributing food & necessities. Businesses & churches are opening up their private property for the Occupiers to camp on until the city (hopefully) lifts the current curfew and ban on camping in Pritchard Park at the next City Council meeting this coming Tuesday, 10/11/11 at 5 pm. Our Outreach & Legal groups are working on the petition / resolution to present to the City Council at the meeting.

The Mayor's Office, Asheville City Council and the APD are in fairly constant, friendly, informative dialogue with OA,NC. I feel that they realize that they are also part of the 99% and tacitly support the Occupy movement. The APD directs traffic during the pickets to keep everybody involved safe. Otherwise we seldom see police around more than normally.

I'm very impressed with the skills and abilities of the working groups. For example: The media group streams live video feeds. Everything is recorded. The medical group has a young, practicing physician from one of the local hospitals, a nurse, and 2 people with some EMT training plus other worker bees. We have an attorney or two. Everybody is energetic, inspired and committed to seeing this through.

We emphasize NON-violence & keep a cool head under stress. We are planning non-violence techniques training classes.

We are drawing up an OA position statement but for now are standing in solidarity with OWS and supporting their statement as our own.

We need you to tell everybody you know: Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm. Fill the park across the way from the main entrance to the City Hall where the City Council will have their meeting at 5 pm. We're arranging live music & "Soapbox" opportunities. We want the Council members to see the support we have as they go in to start the meeting. We'll have "primary' speakers inside the Council chambers, ready to address the Council. Come on out to show your support and have a good time doing it.

Thanks, and I'll see you there! Occupy on! We are the 99%!


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