Monday, October 24, 2011

Talk About a Criminal!

Sweet pygmy Jeebus, Florida has done it again! The first in so many incredibly dumbshit boondoggles, the state is about to post another first.

A dedicated Florida teacher, who spends her days inspiring students to get involved in their world and teaching them about the political system, may now be facing thousands of dollars in fines.

Turns out she's violated a new election law - she helped students register to vote. Eeek! What an outrageous offense!

So let me get this straight: Wall Street banksters, who deliberately defrauded people worldwide out of billions of dollars and tanked the world's economy, face no charges, no fines, no jail, and still operate with carte blanche. Repugs, who have pulled every dirty trick known to man to prevent legitimate voters from voting - and have actually altered elections - face no charges.

But a public school teacher, who educates young people and helps them become participatory citizens, is a criminal and must pay thousands of dollars?

Could this Idiocracy get any more insane? You tell me. Based on what I've observed these past couple months, I'm more convinced than ever I'm actually in Bizarro World.


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