Monday, October 24, 2011

It's ACTION Monday!

It's time to protect YOUR land, land that belongs to all of us. Right now there is a bill in the House that would give 2400 acres of public land to two foreign mining companies. This Arizona public land includes:

+ an incredible and unique desert ecosystem,

+ a world-famous recreation area, and

+ sites sacred to Native American tribes.

In other words, HR 1904 would sacrifice public lands that are sacred to Native Americans, and important to birders, campers, climbers and hikers -- for the benefit of foreign shareholders.

The group Earthworks says that "H.R. 1904 is written to benefit the two largest mining companies in the world. Resolution Copper is actually a partnership between BHP Billiton (Australia-based) and Rio Tinto (UK-based), the #1 and #2 largest metal-miners in the world."

Written to benefit? It's a good chance the bill was actually written BY industry lobbyists - that's how Gov-Corp operates these days. They just can't wait to give away the farm; or OUR farm, as it were. If you have a big problem with these kind of sneaky giveaways of irreplaceable public resources to Corp-World, then please sign onto the letter here. Better yet, follow that action up with a phone call to your "representative".


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Blogger Anna Van Z said...

I wonder how many people have even heard about this? Probably only a tiny number of citizens. And that's how *they* like it. Thievery by stealth, lying by omission.

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