Sunday, October 02, 2011

Heads Up!

Your ability to freely access whatever sites you want on the internet is in danger again. Although Congress hasn't bothered to work on any actual measures that would facilitate American employment, they are very busy attending to their telecom masters.

This resulted in bills earlier this year designed to curtail net neutrality principles, which the repugs in particular loathe. That's because this principle prevents big telecoms from slicing and dicing up the internet into various "revenue streams", and slowing down or blocking outright your access to sites (and ideas) they would rather you didn't have access to. And now, there's an arcane "resolution of disapproval" winding through the Senate.

Incredibly (or not) tea-baggot repugs opposed to net neutrality maintain that they are "defending freedom" (for corporate people only) and that the FCC regulating telecoms by keeping the internet open - net neutrality - is oppressive censorship "like an internet iron curtain"(!) that "violates the wishes of the American people". In fact 90% of the public FAVORS net neutrality.

Perhaps the citizenry gets that if left to their own devices, telecoms will do to the internet what they did to the supposed "public airwaves" - make most of television content unavailable to view unless you pay for it. And some providers decide what content is not going to be available at any price. Someone please explain to me how this is "freedom" for the consumer - except perhaps in the Orwellian sense!

This open internet stuff is just a little too "socialist" for the likes of the repugs, who secretly long for the day when about 8 conglomerates will control everything in the world, and you'll have to pay each time you drive on their roads, cross their bridges, walk on their sidewalks, watch their t.v., breathe their air - if there's any breathable air left, that is. Naturally the the political-investor class will profit handsomely each time you do.

Please divest yourself of any lingering illusions you may still harbor that these drones work for us, and make it your business to send an email or make a call this week to your corpo-senate toady demanding that NET NEUTRALITY BE PRESERVED. Specifically mention the resolution referenced in the second link above, and emphasize that nothing except total net neutrality will do.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Good piece, Anna.

I'll be writing my lame duck senator and my good-for-nothing corporatist senator, this week.

Thanks for the info!

2:45 PM  

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