Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Legislative Week Ahead!

More trade deals that are a disaster for the U.S. jobs picture are up for a vote this week. Huge multi-nationals like Walmart are lobbying hard for these deals to go through because it boosts their profits considerably. See, they don't have quite enough third-world slave labor yet, and there's much more work to be shipped to these "markets."

The elite investor class wants these deals, because their dividends will expand significantly, and they can then pick up another Bentley or a vacation home in the Seychelles. The rest of us will get even more fucked over by an ever-shrinking job market, and we're not just talking manufacturing jobs, either.

Since we don't have paid lobbyists to get the Beltway Bubble People's attention, we have to do it ourselves - with phone calls, faxes, letters, and emails. So many of us have been watching the occupations and the take-back-America protests and have been wishing we could be there, too. Doing something, anything, to help change our disastrous course. It's pretty clear to everyone except the most dull-witted tools that our country has been stolen by Wall Street grifters, banksters, and the multi-national corpo-machine.

Well, this is something we ALL can do. We can all call, write, email, and fax. It only takes us a few minutes, and together our efforts can add up to a tidal wave of "HELL NO!" Call your (alleged) Representative early this week and ask him/her - Are you voting for the USA or South Korea, Columbia, and Panama?

From Todd Lipscomb at Made in USA Forever:

This week could be the biggest in Washington on trade since NAFTA was forced through. Very important legislation regarding both China and South Korea could each come up for a vote in Congress this week.

Not only is it very important to let your Congressman know how you feel, it takes just two minutes. Use this link, then enter your zip code in the top right:

Firstly, the China currency bill is meant to finally force them to allow their currency to fluctuate freely. The Chinese use their currency like a massive tariff, both protecting their home grown industry and allowing their exports to be artificially cheap here. I discuss this in more depth in my book, but they game it by about 70%. This is a major piece in China’s grand political game to be the world’s next super power. It causes us to close our factories without a fight, while they gain that industrial might! For some industries, this is as big as the wage issue. We have lost thousands of factories and millions of jobs to China. It is time to take a stand on their cheating...

Is your congressman voting for the USA or China? They need to vote “Yes” for the USA.

Secondly, the other major issue this week is the so called “free trade” deals with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama. All the evidence I have seen indicates, particularly the Korean portion, will kill several hundred thousand good manufacturing jobs here, while adding only some seasonal agriculture jobs. Not a good deal at all!

Plus, this will lower tariffs without addressing the dirty tricks South Korea uses to protect their own manufacturers. For example, nearly every Korean who buys a car from outside their nation, a Ford or even BMW, gets audited by the Korean IRS! Who would buy Hyundai’s or Kia’s here if we responded even half so aggressively?

The deal also does not protect us from Chinese or even North Korean exports simply passing through South Korean ports.

We already pay a huge amount to defend South Korea, including 90% of the cost of our tens of thousands of American troops stationed there protecting their factories. Must they take our factories and jobs too?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart itself has been lobbying hard for this deal. Please join me in standing for the rest of us.

Is your congressman voting for the USA or South Korea, Columbia, and Panama?


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