Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well, At Least SOME People Get It...

Wall Street Gamers and Corp-World, Pay YOUR Fair Share For a Change!!

Protesters invade NYC Financial District

NEW YORK β€” More than 1,000 demonstrators descended on New York City's Financial District on Saturday for what could be a days-long protest of what they said was corporate greed favoring the rich at the expense of ordinary people.

The rally, dubbed #OccupyWallStreet on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook where word was spread, spurred the New York Police Department to lock down Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, local media reported....

"CEOs, the biggest corporations, and the wealthy are taking too much from our country and I think it's time for us to take back," one protester told NY1.

"What I hope to accomplish is that people who have gotten in trouble on Wall Street actually pay an equal share for what they've done," said another.

Dave Woessner, 31, a student at Harvard Divinity School, was among those marching near the bull statue early in the afternoon.

"When you idealize financial markets as salvific you embrace the idea that profit is all that matters," he told the Times.

"A lot of us feel there is a large crisis in our economy and a lot of it is caused by the folks who do business here," said Jason Ahmadi, 26, from Oakland, Calif., told the Daily News.

Several hundred at nightfall tried to reach Wall Street after marching through nearby streets, the Times reported. However, police blocked them and the march ended at a building housing Cipriani Wall Street, a high end restaurant built into the former home of financial institutions, and from where patrons could be seen in tweeted pictures raising drinks in their honor.

Protesters responded by pointing at them and chanting "pay your share," the Times reported...


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