Monday, September 12, 2011

Stop NC Repugs NOW

Think Progress notes that NC repugs are trying to sneak by a constitutional amendment this
week - with NO public comment - banning gay marriage in NC. (They don't need no stinking public comment, see? We're just the tax-paying drones paying for their theocratic assault on civil rights.)

Human Rights Campaign reminds us that with the North Carolina General Assembly scheduled to vote this week on the anti-LGBT marriage amendments, House Bill 777 and Senate Bill 106, now is the time to call your legislators urging them to oppose these hateful bills. Tell them that the legislature was sent to Raleigh to tackle jobs, the economy and the state budget, not to advance a divisive social agenda.

Call your North Carolina Legislators

Sen. Tom Apodaca (919) 733-5745 or (828) 696-0574 (Buncombe, Henderson, Polk)

Rep. Chuck McGrady (919) 733-5956 or (828) 692-3696 (Henderson, Polk, Transylvania)

Rep. Susan Fisher. Dist. 14 (Buncombe)

Sample Message
'I'm leaving a message for Sen/Rep (NAME). My name is _______and I'm your constituent from _______. I urge you to oppose HB777/SB106, the anti-marriage amendments, to protect our constitution and to prevent needless harm to all NC families. Thank you.'

These bills harm couples who will be denied even the most basic protections. They harm vulnerable lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people by sending a terrible message that their state and their neighbors consider them second-class citizens unworthy of basic dignity and fair treatment – a message which exacerbates the epidemic of LGBT young people committing suicide.

North Carolina is the only state without a constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage in the South, and now is your last chance to help keep it that way. Call your legislators today and tell them to vote "NO" on writing discrimination into North Carolina's constitution. Once you’ve made your calls, ask your friends, family members and colleagues to call their legislators too.


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