Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So much for the "pro-life" schtick...

A Tea-baggot debate audience cheered and clapped for the idea of letting a seriously ill man without health insurance die, rather than the public helping him pay for care needed to save his life.

So let me get this straight: Billions in publicly-funded handouts to for-profit corporations (and the banksters that tanked the economy) are fine and dandy, but providing life-saving care to people without insurance is unacceptable??! It's beyond despicable, but it does pointedly highlight what deranged, utterly amoral, self-serving hypocrites these folks are.

Ron Paul, who practiced medicine in the early 60's, clearly has no clue what medical care costs these days. His idea is that the churches can pitch in and pay for the care of the (millions of) uninsured people with serious illnesses. Huh? Apparently the wingnut crowd isn't just profoundly ignorant and selfish, they're also profoundly stupid.

Check this out for yourself...


Blogger Jon said...

I would like to say I wish those who feel this way develop a lingering, horribly painful, protracted ,miserably suffering malady; that they and their spouse and children and children's children would have to care for their disease ridden lives day and night until, finally, in extreme pain, they understand the hypocrites they are. Like Lee Atwater.

I would like to say that..
But. It. Would. be. Wrong.

So I won't! Because I'd be just as bad as they are.

7:50 AM  

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