Saturday, September 03, 2011

Job Creation for Dummies

Word on the street is that Obama's big jobs speech is going to be lame, and feature a feeble, small-in-scope plan. I'm fairly certain that this will be the case, because the repukes seem to determine everything this man says and does. So he will not offer the big action plan that's actually needed, because the petulant asswipe repug corpo-baggers won't like it - wah!

Our deep and continuing unemployment is largely the result of our government's choices and policies. It has not only allowed, it has actively facilitated the wholesale export of our industries and our production facilities to the third world (yet its members make the usual noises around election time about wanting to "create jobs"). Please. If they really wanted to create jobs, it's fairly simple - it's just that there's no political will from either party to take the actions that are required.

First of all, stop allowing corporations to profit from exporting jobs - and stop rewarding them for doing so. End the subsidies, end the tax breaks for the exporters. End or rework these destructive, grossly unbalanced trade agreements, and bring back some protectionism! No that's not a dirty word, except maybe to Wall Street. Protectionism is how smart countries operate, in order to have a functioning economy.

Invest in domestic industries! A green energy industry could create jobs galore, for example, fuel innovation (not to mention our homes), and end our dependency on fossil fuels, which are being depleted anyway and are killing the planet.

Then, create a stimulus for Main Street for once - force the banks that got billions of dollars to re-work people's messed up mortgages, so they can stay in their homes. Cancel student loan and medical debt. Give every worker who earns less than 200,000k a year a 100% refund of taxes paid for one year. Pay for it by implementing a half a cent transaction tax on every Wall Street trade, and end the Bush tax cuts immediately. End excessive tax breaks, and all tax breaks for job-exporting corporations, and that's how we pay for it.

We also can pay for an economic renaissance by ending our non-essential wars, which would be all of them, and end the tiresome "policing the world" routine, which forces taxpayers to pay for the endless manipulations of and interference in the affairs of countless sovereign nations. Affairs which are none of our business! Making the world safe for multi-national corporations is not the government's job, nor was it ever the intent of the nation's founders, who made that abundantly clear. James Madison declared that, "Of all the enemies of true liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

But somehow I don't think these ideas are the ones that are going to be proposed next week!


Blogger Jon said...

I'm having trouble with all the liberals bitching about Barry not creating jobs!
He's done fan-damn-tastic in that department!

We have many more working making guns and bombs and Tasers and tear gas canisters; think of the tremendous increase in lawyers defending activists, fighting revisions of regulations and laws.

But he bestest thing is really in its infancy and looks really promising:
more openings in the military!

Since 2003 there are over 9000 full time positions that have opened up and well over 30,000 to replace for workers who have taken sick time!(Although, he had some help from W who got the whole jobs creation thing started!)

How can anyone claim he ain't done much?


11:42 AM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Anna, I like and agree with your proposals. They're sound and populist, real and possible. But, as you correctly observed, there will be nothing in this administration's plan that will approach, much less address, any of these concerns. It'll be a watered-down and impotent piece of political maneuvering, designed exclusively to retain the tenets of the corporate-state status quo.

As low as Obama's approval rating is today, look for a further dip after Thursday's address.

12:00 PM  

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