Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boycott Georgia.

Because THEY SUCK.

From Op-Ed News:
Georgia Board of Pardons Affirms State-Sponsored Murder

By Stephen Lendman
Today Georgia will murder an innocent man by lethal injection.
At issue is saving Troy Anthony Davis. On September 21, he'll die by lethal injection, despite clear evidence he's innocent.
On September 20, Georgia's Board of Pardons denied him clemency.
Because Georgia's governor can't stay executions, Davis lost his last hope, barring an unexpected 11th hour reprieve.
Georgia State University Law Professor Anne Emanuel reviewed his case. She found no justification for capital punishment. At this stage, however, she said:
"I don't see any avenues to the Supreme Court," no matter how grave the injustice.
In fact, there's nothing just about state-sponsored murder, especially against falsely accused victims.
In America, they're mostly poor Blacks or Latinos denied due process and judicial fairness by a corrupted prosecutorial system rigged to convict even known innocent defendants like Troy Anthony Davis... More here.


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