Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Helen Thomas: No One Left in the WH Press Corps to Ask the Tough Questions

As one Israeli commenter noted after the following post, does a possibly out-of-context statement uttered in haste negate "half a century of kicking the White House's ass"?
I'm presenting positions from both sides for you to decide. I'm still pondering different perspectives on the issue myself.

In Defense of Helen Thomas, by blogger Paul Jay:
"We all know what's going on with the Helen Thomas controversy. The hyper-pro-Israel lobby, in both parties, has never liked the fact that she dares to speak up and question that most sacred of topics".

Helen Thomas was the dean of the White House Press corp. She has a fifty-year history of tough-minded journalism and is one of the very, very few journalists in the mainstream press who has had the guts to question US policy towards Israel. On Monday she was pressured into resigning, "effective immediately".
More here.

If Helen Thomas, Then Why Not Pat Buchanan, by Professor Michael Fauntroy
"Helen Thomas' view of the Israeli-Palestinian situation is out of step with mainstream American thought. She's been nearly universally condemned and rightfully so. And I'm not arguing that she's been wronged; words are weapons and sometimes, you shoot yourself".

Helen Thomas recently set off a firestorm with her comment that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go home" to Germany or Poland. The comments resulted first, and predictably, with her apology. Over the weekend, with the heat turned up considerably, she decided to retire immediately More here.


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